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Bangla Muay Thai Stadium Tickets Patong

Traditional Muay Thai Guaranteed Fantastic Fight Night in Patong, Phuket.

Bangla Boxing Stadium located in the heart of Patong stages fights three nights a week:

Bangla Muay Thai Stadium Tickets

Every Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday.

Fights Start at 21:00 pm.


Bangla Stadium attracts the finest professional Thai fighters in Phuket as well as Fighters from around the world.

Watch Professional Muay Thai Boxing Easy Checkout Fast & Secure Delivery.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the National sport of Thailand it uses combinations of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. 

It’s the most brutal and lethal of all martial arts.

Today, it is the most popular spectator sport in Thailand, with fights taking place every day all over the country.

Phuket has some of the best training gyms in the country with boxers coming to learn this ancient sport from all over the world.

Phuket also attracts the best fighters and you can see them fight six nights a week at either of Phuket’s Patong or Bangla stadiums.
Easily purchase your tickets right now simply choose which seats and which night and follow the payment instructions

All seats have great views guaranteeing a fantastic night’s enjoyment of Thailand’s national sport.
 Any Fight Card and/or Schedule can be changed without prior notice.
Contact us with any questions

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